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A hack of John Harper's one-page TTRPG Lasers & Feelings, Create & Devastate is a YA dystopian fiction inspired game that takes place in a world where the corporations responsible for running it into the ground control what's left. 

Your players are kids who survive in small villages and enclaves outside of these corporations controlled zones. What makes them different from everyone else around them is their connection to a long forgotten art that lets them change the world around them: Hip Hop.

Play the interactive fiction prequel: Play This Only At Night

UPDATE: If you like this game, or like the idea of kids using Hip Hop as to save their world, check out its Bigger & Deffer version Shoot The Gift, a playset for AGON, with a bunch of adventures inspired by regional Hip Hop scenes and music!

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Create & Devastate - A Hip Hop and YA Fiction Inspired Lasers & Feelings Hack 83 kB

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This reads great, and definitely inspires me to play.

oh snap, more content for the world of Play This Only At Night!!

This looks dope, love the whole flavour of this and how the hip hop elements engage with the world.

Can't wait to play!